Teliaoils Oreganolio Natural Wart, Skin Tag And Mole Remover

Oregano Oil Wart Remover is 100% safe and effective with an all Natural Remedy specially designed to assist in removing skin tags, warts and moles. The built in applicator brush that comes with each order allows you to apply this fast acting formula to any skin tag in just seconds.

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It contains the highest potency of Thuja Extract and Teliaoils Oregano essential oil with 85% Carvacrol diluted in a base of Castor and Olive oil. This Oil penetrates deep into skin tissue to combat even stubborn roots. It contains no toxic acids or chemicals. Simply brush a sufficient amount of liquid to cover the wart and let dry.

After few days, skin tags, warts will dry and fall away!

This Oil Has Lots Of Benefits In Treating Warts Or Moles In The Skin:

1. Remove warts & skin tags anywhere on the body!

2. All natural wart formula Formulated Using the Highest Quality Essential Oils and Plant extracts. No toxic acids or chemicals.

3. Maximum strength formula, Fast Acting, natural oil – No pain, no irritation, no scarring on or around the wart or skin tags

4. Ready to use cosmetic product – Convenient brush applicator -Apply in Just Seconds, warts, skin Tags Just dry up & Fall Away after 2-3 weeks. The most economical way to fight warts & tags.

5. 10 ml Amber Glass bottle with brush