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Tag Away – All-Natural Skin Tag Remedy

Skin Tags are a common problem that affects many people especially into adulthood. Despite these pesky skin growths being harmless, they can become embarrassing and quite expensive to remove.

Tag Away is an all-natural remedy which has been launched in the United States and quickly become a national seller due to its skin tag removal properties and has been approved the by the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) as being a safe and natural way to clear skin tags.

Skin Tags are small pieces of hanging flesh which are harmless and non-cancerous. They are equally found with both men and women typically in adulthood.

There are a number of cases in which skin tags occur such as obesity, diet, skin chaffing or rubbing and genetics. They can range from a tiny bump measuring only 1mm to a large piece of hanging flesh the size of a grape or even bigger in rare cases.

Skin Tags are usually found on the neck, under arms, under breasts for pregnant women, eye lids and even sensitive areas. Despite these small bumps being harmless most people who have them want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons or may find them bothersome in cases where they may get caught on clothing or jewellery.

What Exactly Is Tag Away?

Tag Away is a revolutionary product on the skin tag removal procedure. It is a topical gel that is applied directly to a skin tag up to three times per day. With repeated use, the gel will leech into the skin tag and cause it to harden. As the skin tag hardens, the skin will become dehydrated and very brittle to the touch. The skin tag will simply fall off after that! Yes, skin tag removal really is that simple.

The product is based on natural herbs, but while effective it’s very important to note that there is an unearthly odour associated with Tag Away. Many users have compared it to very poorly blended coal tar soap. Users will have to endure this for the duration of their treatment, which the manufacturer suggests can last for up to eight weeks.

What Exactly Are Its Powerful Ingredients?

Tag Away is made from all-natural plant leaves for removing tags.

1. Thuja Occidentalis or “White Cedar

2. White Cedar tea

When Should You Remove Warts

While many warts are harmless, there are some which should be best removed for medical reasons. Even if warts are harmless, many teens grow up feeling self conscious and would prefer to have their warts removed permanently preferably in a fast and painless way. There are therefore both medical reasons and cosmetic reasons why anyone would want to remove their warts.

How Does Tag Away Work?

The power of the Tag Away homeopathic product is that it can completely eliminate all skin tags that are applied to in a matter of weeks. What consumers love about this product is that it is simple to use with no complicated instructions.

Tag Away as seen on TV contains Thuka Occidentalis, as the main active ingredient which is known the world over for its powerful skin tag eradicating properties. The essential oils in the product leave your skin feeling soft and nourished while the active ingredient works to eliminate those nasty skin tags. There is no pain associated with the application of this natural and safe product.

Tag Away as seen on TV is one of the most powerful, effective products that can easily remove skin tags without pain. One thing that people really love about the product is that it is extremely affordable.

There really is no reason to spend a large amount of money on a product that is meant to eliminate skin tags but only eliminates money from your wallet instead. Don’t put yourself in this position, grab this product now and try it. You will certainly be happy with the product because it is completely holistic and works without leaving unsightly scars behind.

Pros And Cons Of Tag Away Skin Tag Removal Product


  • The product is one hundred per cent natural and safe to use, won’t cause any adverse reactions and won’t leave any scars.
  • Tag Away is extremely inexpensive while still being very effective. When you consider the cost of dermatologist treatments, you can definitely save a great deal of money with this product.
  • The product is highly portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go, including on vacation.
  • The product has a full money back guarantee so that if you are not satisfied with it, you can simply return it and receive your money back.
  • You have a full 30 days to try the product to see if it works to remove your skin tags.
  • You only need to apply a small amount of the product to see the desired results.
  • Due to the gentle all-natural ingredients you should find that this formula is suitable for people with all types of skin.
  • Unlike traditional treatment such as freezing or burning of skin tags this all-natural formula is painless to use.


  • The product takes up to a week to arrive after you have ordered it. The reason for this is that the product is so in demand that it is difficult for suppliers to keep it in stock.
  • The length of time that it takes to remove skin tags may seem unusually long, but the fact that no scars are left behind certainly makes the wait time worth it!
  • Some people complain that the smell of the product is unbearable, but truthfully you only need a very small amount of the product and you can over the area with a band aid to reduce odour.

How To Use Tag Away?

Tag Away is very easy to use — anytime, anywhere. All that you need is a cotton swab. Douse the cotton with oil from the bottle and apply it to the skin tags three times a day. Use the product religiously for at least three to eight weeks. You will notice the skin tags will dry and fall off until it’s gone.

However, it should not be applied around the eyes and is not advisable for children, pregnant and lactating women. It is also dangerous for pets.

Does Tag Away Leave Scars?

Tag Away as seen on TV is free of harsh chemicals and works to dry out your skin tags, causing them to fall off. You may even forget, during the course of treatment, that you have skin tags and of course, once they are going there won’t be any scars left behind to be a constant reminder that you once had skin tags.

You will receive enough Tag Away as seen on TV in a small bottle to treat every single skin tag on your body. You will probably have enough of this product left over to allow you to treat future skin tags too! Many people find that a single bottle of this product lasts them for quite a while and they are extremely happy with the results.

How Long Does This Treatment Take?

By using this formula as directed you will find it is easy to apply and should be used three times per day. You should then expect to see the disappearance of your skin tags within three to eight weeks. Because everyone’s body is different you will see the effects vary from person to person, and some people may see even quicker results.

If you are still a little sceptical as to how effective this all-natural skin tag remover is then you should read further tag away reviews not only from the ‘trade’, but also from users.

This should give you a balanced view, and quickly help you to understand the benefits of using this highly effective treatment. If skin tags are embarrassing you, affecting your appearance and confidence then you will be pleased to know that you can now do something about them in a safe, painless and cost-effective way.

What Separates TagAway From Other Skin Tag Products

What separates Tag Away from other skin tag remedies is that it is made from all-natural plant extracts so you dont have to worry about applying any harsh chemicals to your skin. It is also safe for all skin types including those with hyper sensitive skin and will not damage the skin unlike other skin tag removal products that are sold over the counter.

Tag Away does take longer, approximately 3-8 weeks to see results; however, it does not leave any scarring or marks behind unlike more invasive procedures such as burning or surgery.

1. Uses Natural ingredients

The active ingredient behind Tag Away is an essential oil called Thuja Occidentalis which comes from a coniferous tree, found in Eastern parts of Canada and the United States.

It has been used for centuries to treat different issues such as nausea and headaches, skin ailments such as ringworm, warts and thrush and also used in disinfectants and soaps. Thuja Occidentalis was also known to cure the famous explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew from scurvy due to its high vitamin C content.

2. It’s Affordable!

Unlike other skin tag removal methods which can cost in the hundreds in paying doctor’s bills or cosmetic surgery you can order Tag Away which can be delivered right to your home for only a small fraction of the cost of more invasive procedures.

3. It’s Easy to Use!

Just follow the simple instructions that come with your order. For best results simply wash the surface of the skin first so that other products do not counteract with its healing properties and apply the solution with a q-tip or cotton swab and gently dab the desired area 3 times per day. Tag Away is completely painless and safe to use on all skin types.

Tag Away should not be used to treat other skin issues. For other skin problems or a skin disease please visit a doctor for medical attention since Tag Away is to only treat skin tags.

What People Are Saying About Tag Away

The Tag Away reviews have been simply remarkable with this product. The thousands of people who have used Tag Away reported incredible results as their skin tags dried up and fell away without any complications.

“Tag Away has been tested and shown to be effective at gradually drying up skin tags.” – Sarah

“I was sceptical at first, but after four weeks my skin tags fell away. This product really works!” – Bill

“There really aren’t any other products like this in stores, so I am relieved that it works. My skin tags are finally gone.” – Pete, IL (Testimony from company website) *Why You should Purchase Tag Away

An eight week study was conducted to see if Tag Away really lived up to its promises. In every case, the skin tags dried up and fell away with some getting results in as little as 10 days. However, there were a few that took up to 55 days for the product to fully work.

Still, it’s not often that a product is universally recognized as being effective against skin tags. If you suffer from having skin tags, the Tag Away is the one homeopathic remedy that can remove tags safely while leaving behind fresh, beautiful skin that improves your overall appearance.

Tag Away is simple to use and easy to apply. This means that with just a slight amount of effort you can have your skin tags removed and enjoy having fresh, new skin that will improve your appearance. Furthermore, you can keep Tag Away with you if any new skin tags should develop. That way, you can have this safe, proven product work for you year after year.

Put simply, Tag Away is the right product that gets rid of skin tags without cutting or using harsh chemicals. This product is safe and right for you, so why not order Tag Away today and start getting rid of your skin tag problem. If you love having new, attractive skin in the place of your skin tags, then Tag Away is made for you.

Is Tag Away safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe and, I would stress, effective. It is made from natural ingredients coming from plant extracts. When it says natural, it’s like applying a slice of lemon or any fruit to your skin, so you have nothing to worry what you are feeding your skin.

It has no harsh chemical which promises it will never burn or cause irritation on the surface of the skin where the product is applied. In fact, it is considered a homeopathic topical remedy, with Thuja Occidentalis as its active ingredient.

What’s In The Kit?

Tag Away is packaged in a lightly coloured box with a see through window, which shows the product in its bottle. It is bottled in 15 millilitre quantities, which is roughly equal to half of a fluid ounce. It can also be purchased in smaller 10 millilitre bottles.

It is believed that this amount of fluid would be suitable for an entire course of treatment (the manufacturer’s suggestion is three times daily for three to eight weeks) for one skin tag. However, this quite obviously varies depending on the size of the wearer’s skin tag and if he or she is choosing to apply it to more than one skin tag.

The most important thing to make note of when buying it is that many, many users have commented on its fragrance. To put it lightly, it’s not a pleasant odour. Users have said the fragrance is quite “medicinal” and even resembles very poorly blended coal tar soap. However, its effectiveness has been proven by many users, so it’s something that wearers might want to tolerate for the duration of their treatment.

Kit Sizes

Purchasers will have the option of two kit sizes: standard and deluxe. The only difference between these kits is the quantities shipped with an order. The standard kit will include two 10 millilitre bottles and the deluxe kit will include two 15 millilitre bottles. The ingredients, packaging, and effectiveness are the same between the two kits though.

Buyers needn’t feel pressured into buying a “deluxe” package under the idea that it will be more effective; it’s not the case and was only developed to treat a greater amount of skin tags, or larger ones.

Longevity Meets Affordability

Customers have found that the manufacturer’s claims of longevity and effectiveness are definitely true for the most part. The manufacturer claims that a single 10 millilitre bottle will provide 60 applications, which is just over the eight week treatment time that most users experience as a maximum when applying once per day.

However, the kit is sold with multiple applications per day in mind (and suggested) to ensure a more ample supply of the product is available for users.

Final Thought On Tag Away

In short, this product Tag Away uses natural topical treatment to easily dry out your skin growths after using it for a short time. One of the best reasons why this product has become one of the hottest products in the media is because it is 100 percent chemical free.

Yes, this skin tag remover contains ingredients from pure plant essences including the world-famous Thuja Occidentalis known to have removed very large skin tags ever existed.

Well, that will certainly answer people’s question: “does tag away work on large skin tags?” Using it is so easy, quick and painless as the formulation goes to work to dry out your skin tags and because it is chemical free, it always offers that peace of mind when you use. It’s worth trying now.