Tag No More By WS Nutrition

Tag no More for skin tags is clinically shown to eliminate skin tags without harsh chemical treatments found in many traditional methods that are simply not effective at skin tag removal. Tag No More was formulated with 1 thing in mind; nature. Tag No More has harnessed powerful remedies found in nature such as Thuja Occidentalis to bring you this unique combination of nature and science to remove skin tags and warts.

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Unlike other remedies, Cedar Leaf “Thuja occidentalis” removes skin tags without the pain. Users can expect their skin tags to disappear in three to six weeks. They initially dry up in the first few weeks and completely detach without leaving any marks. This may be a bit longer than the other treatment options. This is the most affordable skin tag treatment.

1. Homeopathic and Fast Acting Natural Product

2. Formulated and made in the USA

3. Works in 3-6 Weeks, laboratory tested for purity and strength

4. 100% Natural Homeopathic Extracts for painless skin tag removal

5. Contains Thuja Occidentalis, shown in clinical studies to aid in removing unwanted skin tags