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Home Remedies For Skin Tags

Home Remedies For Skin Tags

1. Equate Fibre Powder

Is skin tag embarrassing you? Use Equate Fibre Powder. Take two teaspoonfuls of powder in tea. You may need to use liquid witch hazel on a cotton ball in case you have flare up where the tag itches, stings and bleeds. It will clear your tag quite early. This is an excellent skin tag remover.

2. Tooth Floss

To remove your skin tags just use tooth floss around it tight and they will eventually drop off. Tie one tag at a time with tooth floss for best way. In few days the tags might fall off. You will notice a little blood coming out. Use antiseptic to remain clean. It works… slight pain in the tying process…but better gain with removal process…

3. Apple Cider Vinegar and Cotton Balls

You can use Apple Cider Vinegar and cotton balls if your skin tags are small. With a toothpick or cuticle cutter scratch the surface of the tag to break the skin. Don’t make it bleed. With cotton ball squeeze the excess apple vinegar out and put it on the skin tag and bandage it down. Do this before going to bed. In few days the tags will shrink.

4. Dental Floss

Dental Floss is best for larger tags. Tie it tight as possible without hurting yourself. You can add the apple cider vinegar and cotton ball on top. Do this method at night for best result. You will notice in few days that the tags are coming off.

5. Long Baths

Long baths together with the rubber band method help in removing your skin tags successfully. Long baths remove swelling and pains in the tied areas. Do this for best cure… it works…

6. Skinhale Cream

This is an all natural cream best to remove your skin tags. Skinhale cream will shrink, turn dark and remove your tags. Its worth to use…Stay strong…you can beat these skin tags effectively…

7. Tea Tree Oil

To get rid of skin tags the tea tree oil offers great advantage. This oil shrinks and dries out and might also speed up the process of removing tags…

8. Clean Soldering Iron To Burn It Off

You need to clean the skin tag areas with alcohol. Make sure it is dried well prior treatment. Then you use the brand new, clean soldering iron to burn off the skin tags. The bleeding is not seen at all as the burn site is insensitive. Be careful if you try this method. It works well… it removes your tags instantly…absolutely no pain…

9. Finger Nail Polish

Get rid of skin tags with the use of finger nail polish. Keep applying till the tags are gone. The earlier you detect them the better to treat well and can easily protect from multiplying… Its simple treatment but your tags will vanish…

10. Duct Tape Band-Aid

Using Duct tape aids a lot in clearing skin tags that diverts your positive lifestyle…to an embarrassing one. The idea behind this method is to cut off the oxygen supply to the skin tag. Thus will allow the tags to fall off or shrinks away…

11. A Pair Of Toenail Clippers

To remove your skin tags effectively use a pair of toenail clippers. It is not a painful treatment at all. You need to sterilize the area and the clippers with rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the skin tag slowly with the clippers being kept near the skin. The skin tag will die due to insufficient supply of blood. You can then cut it easily. No more tags.

12. Horse Main Or Tail Hair Or A Sewing Thread

You can tie your skin tags with either horse main or tail hair or just a piece of sewing thread. It will fall off in few days depending on the way you tie it. It’s easy and yet does amazing work for you… try this and be free from skin tags…

13. Step By Step Remove Skin Tags…

These are the steps for effective skin tags treatment.

  • Use medical scissors, papers, cotton balls, Neosporin etc.
  • Soak the scissors in alcohol and then numb the skin tags.
  • Dry the areas and keep clean before you cut the skin tags.
  • Little blood will be present. Use cotton balls in peroxide to clean. Apply Neosporin and band aid the wounds. It works.