AromaOils 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a 100% Pure Essential Oil made directly from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree. Tea Tree’s grown anywhere else in the world cannot compare to the quality we achieve with our Australian made product.

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This product does not contain any additives, anything synthetic, no filler product, no base carrier oils, just plain old 100% pure Tea Tree Oil which can be used at full strength or diluted down if you have more sensitive skin.


Enjoy the purest form of Tea Tree Oil, free of all toxins, additives, and filler. This Natural Oil is LIMITLESS in its body and mind healing power. That’s why they provide the highest quality Tea Tree Oil. Their customers are genuinely concerned about their health and the health of those around them. This Essential Oil is a plant extract native to Australia and cannot occur naturally in any other source.

Some of the main benefits of using this oil are as follows:


Stress can severely affect both your physical and mental health. That’s why so many people are now turning to Aromatherapy and Massage treatments for help.

Essential Tea Tree Oil will wake up and stimulate nerves, hormones, and enzymes that otherwise sit dormant and unresponsive. This results in a sudden and long-lasting energy boost, stress relief, and overall better mood. It’s also highly regarded for relieving numerous diseases and ailments.


Everyone has at least one nagging imperfection that drives them crazy, wishing they could just fix it. This Natural jack-­of-all trade is one of those ingredients that, once you try it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it.

Pure Tea Tree Oil is perfect for acne treatment, skin tag removal, dry scalp and dandruff, toe and foot fungus, wart removal, and skin oil remover. And it’s a crucial ingredient for hyper effective antiseptic and antifungal creams.


Making your own products doesn’t have to be a compromise. You can make things affordable AND world-class while surprising your friends and family with the QUALITY of your craftiness.

A common ‘secret ingredient’ to dozens of DIY products like dandruff or lice shampoo, shampoo for dogs or pets, hair conditioner, soap bars, lotion, liquid soap, body wash, shaving cream, aftershave, mouthwash, facial masks, astringent, sugar scrubs, foot spray, deodorant, candle, air freshener, balms, cleaner, or vinegar rinses.

So, your search for the best Tea Tree Oil is over, when you purchase from AromaOils today here are some of the things you can look forward too.

Most customers report no side effects with this product; however, if you do have sensitive skin it is best to dilute the Tea Tree Oil down with carrier oil or with Witch Hazel.

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