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There are so many products out there that claim to help removing tags, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

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Removing Skin Tags – Is It Safe? What Causes Skin Tags?

Removing Skin Tags – Is It Safe? What Causes Skin Tags?

There are many articles around on the internet these days on how to remove skin tags. Skin tags are usually thought to be difficult to remove especially if they are on the parts of the body such as the eyelids or some part of the face where they are openly seen.

There are some people who would rather wear long clothes to hide the skin tags. Others find it difficult to go out in public especially if they have the skin tags on their faces. To others, skin tags are not a bother at all. Whether they are seen or not, don’t matter at all, they normally do not have any problems.

Sometimes, skin tags are a genetic skin problem, while in other cases they are the direct result of some type of repetitive activity, or simply being overweight. Removing skin tags is something that is a lot of people are trying to do these days, and therefore there are several products on the market that can help you get rid of yours.

What Are Skin Tags?

There is nothing new about skin tags, but it seems as if they are being mentioned all the time these days. The truth is that people have always had them, but no one ever talked about them.

These are basically small little flaps of skin that will often grow in parts of your body that are dark, damp, or where the skin tends to fold over on itself. This includes your groin, under your arms, and often in the abdominal region.

Why Do You Get Them?

There is no real reason as to why they occur, other than the fact that this is just part of Mother Nature’s master plan. Some people get these and some people don’t, and it tends to be part of aging in many cases. In fact, it is rare to see a younger person with skin tags.

The real key is to start removing skin tags earlier rather than later so that they don’t get bigger and begin to cause problems such as opening up and bleeding when you are taking your clothes on and off.

What Can You Do About Removing Skin Tags?

There are several different things you can do about removing skin tags yourself, but if you notice that they are suddenly beginning to appear, then you may want to talk to your physician. However, most skin tags are nothing more than benign growths that cause no problems other than the fact that they are unpleasant to look at.

There are a variety of home remedies that you can use, including using tea tree oil, clove oil, garlic, or other natural ingredients to help kill off the skin tag.

These can be rather unpleasant, and so most people end up using some type of over-the-counter product. When you choose a product for removing skin tags, you should make sure that you choose one that is completely natural and will not require you to cut open or puncture the skin tag, because this can be dangerous and painful.

You should also try to choose the skin tag removal product that has a guarantee, so that if it does not work on your skin, you haven’t really risked anything.

Decide On How To Remove Skin Tags

Once you have made up your mind on how to remove skin tags you need to be sure they are just normal skin tags and if you’re not sure then you should consult a medical professional to be on the safe side and reduce any risks to your health. If it is growing and increasing size at an abnormal rate then it may be more than just a skin tag.

Skin tags are more annoying and not painful unless knocked or made to bleed and usually grow in places such as armpits, groin area and eyelids and you can remove these skin tags at home on your own with some home remedies.

Tips On Skin Tag Removal

Women today are conscious about their beauty a lot more than men. It is not a new custom but this notion is the same from the prehistoric times. Women like to keep their makeup and look beautiful and attractive.

One thing that looks bad on the skin and hampers the looks of a female is the skin tag. These are medically known to be harmless but due to the strange look they result in, they are removed most of the time.

A number of methods are utilized for Skin Tag Removal. These include the cryotherapy method, the laser method, the removal of skin tag by using serum and the removal by one self.

Methods For Removal

All these methods though work without causing any problem, yet there are a few things that you must keep in mind when you are attempting to remove the tag or when you are going for a laser treatment.

The most important thing to notice when removing the wart or tag your own hands is that the equipment that is being used is sterilized. This is extremely important to know because if the equipment is not sterilized or germ free then there are chances of secondary infections.

Sterilization Of Equipment

To keep things sterilized and free from germs you can use antibacterial agents on it. Wash the utensils thoroughly. By far, the easiest way for doing this is to keep all the utensils such as the Skin Tag Remover in sun light.

Keep them in the light for a few hours and it would be bacteria free. You can also buy new utensils if you are extra careful. When the danger of contamination is not there then you can undergo the Skin Tag Removal. When you are undergoing laser technique for removal them you do not have to worry about anything as everything is kept sterilized.

Removal By A Professional Practitioner

Apart from this, keep a person by your side all the time. If the acrochordon or skin tag is close to eye or is at some place where you cannot properly see it never operate it on your own. Under such circumstances always seek professional help.

In this way, you can make sure that you do not cause any wound or any serious damage to eye or any other part of your body. When getting an appointment from a doctor for this purpose you should have ample time for the procedure.

Consult A Doctor Before Removal

Most of the times there is no need for rest or any care after the Skin Tag Removal but make sure that you have some extra time. This would keep your mind free from your schedule. The procedure for the removal must be under taken by a well-known Skin Tag Remover.

So, if you are also planning on removing your skin tags or if they are getting itchy and are painful then you should consult a doctor before getting them removed. Keep these tips in mind and there would be no complications during the process.

The Natural Ways Of Removing Your Skin Tags

Skin tags are among the most common conditions you can experience at some point in your life. This is a problem that is characterized by small and soft skin growths in your skin.

It is possible that anyone can be prone to the condition. However, there are cases that most obese and middle-aged adults are prone to having skin tags.

They are commonly found with a darkly or flesh-coloured pigmentation. Some people call it skin tags and they can be narrow and small stalks from your skin. The tags are commonly found on the underarms, neck, under the breasts, eyelids, and groin folds.

The following description will give you more details on what is the best way to removing skin tags yourself naturally at home that you can try yourself.

1. Lime Juice

Lemon juice contains nitric acid which is beneficial to removing the dead skin cells. The steps are with a little cotton wool dipped in lemon juice and then rub it on the affected area. For the maximum results, do regularly approximately two or three times a week. In the third week, usually the existing skin tag will decomposed slowly.

2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is also powerful to overcome skin tags. Make a mixture of castor oil with a little baking powder to form a kind of pasta. Although sticky, just apply this paste to the skin tags area. Repeat every day until two to four weeks. Later, you will be able to see the skin tags slowly disappear by itself.

3. Dental Floss And Thread

This is a very conventional solution that will make use of thread and dental floss. It helps pull out the tag from the skin by cutting off the blood supply in it. You just need to be reminded that you should carefully do this with assistance if possible.

You just have to tie a knot around the tags with the use of thread and skin tag. It will give you the advantage of cutting off the blood supply to your skin tag. After one to two days, you will already see your skin tag dropping off.

4. Garlic

Garlic has become one of the most important stuff in the kitchen which is also known to have antifungal and antibacterial substances. To overcome the skin tags then you can do it by grinding some cloves of garlic first. After that, apply it on the area of skin tags.

Take a few moments and then rinse thoroughly. Within a few days, usually skin tags will disappear and replaced with new and more delicate skin.

5. Banana Peel

Although it seems trivial, but Banana peel can be used as an ingredient to treat skin tags. You do this by taking some banana peels and then apply it to the skin tag. Perform this step periodically within a few days until the skin tags disappear by it.

6. Vegetable Mix

Vegetables here are in the form of cauliflower, garlic and potatoes. Grinding all three of these vegetables to form a kind of juice then spread to area of the skin tags. Do this continuously on a regular basis until the skin tags disappear by it.

7. Nail Polish

Natural nail polish, instead of chemicals, admittedly quite effective to overcome of the skin tags. It is very simple. Simply apply the nail polish on the area of skin tags and then leave it for a while. Wash the skin thoroughly. Try to do this routine three times a day until you get the real results.

8. Pineapple Juice

Besides as a delicious drink, pineapple juice is also known as one of the natural ingredients to overcome various skin problems such as skin tags, warts and moles.

Steps are by simply applying the pineapple juice to the skin tags. So, you can do these treatments on a regular basis to get the maximum results and until the skin tag disappears by itself.

9. Onion Juice

Onion juice is one of the natural remedies that are considered quite effective in overcoming skin tags. You do this by soaking a number of garlic cloves and salt overnight. In the morning, mix both ingredients and mash to form a kind of juice.

Apply onion juice to the area around the skin tags and do this routinely. Usually in a week, the affected skin area will look more clean and smooth. This is one of best way to removing skin tags yourself naturally at home.

10. Tea Tree Oil

This is also a treatment that will remove your skin tag, but with the requirement of patience. You need to wait for two weeks before the skin tags drop off from your skin. It is a working solution that is safe and will get the job done.

11. Bloodroot Powder

This is a solution that can be found in your favourite drugstores. You can mix it with a neutral base cream, which will then be applied to your skin tag. It is necessary to be reminded that your skin tag must only be exposed to the solution. The treatment works by inhibiting the abnormal growth of the skin just a week or two.

12. Vitamin E

You can get a natural source of the vitamin in capsules. You can simply pierce a capsule with a knife or needle to get its contents. The treatment will only require the application of vitamin E to your skin tag and its surrounding skin. Then, you will just use a band aid strip to cover up the skin tag. This will help your skin fall off after a day or two.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural is efficient in causing skin tags to fall off. By applying it religiously, you will notice that your skin tags will change in colour, which will be followed by their permanent detachment from the skin. Just rub an apple cider vinegar-soaked cotton ball onto your skin thrice a day to see the changes.

14. White Vinegar

This is also a conventional solution that will give you touted promising results. However, it is a must try if you think other methods just did not work.

15. Oregano Oil

The natural solution contains phenolic terpenoids, which are p-cymene, thymol, and arvacrol. The compounds are relatively helpful in destroying skin tags through their ant oxidative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial components. With the application of the essential, you will be able to promote your skin tag treatment even in just 30 days.

To create an effective solution out of it, just mix in its two to three drops with four to six drops of coconut oil. Apply the resulting solution onto your skin tags thrice every day. This will work out by causing your skin tags fall off.

16. Black Walnut Hull

You can create a tincture out of the hull, which contains properties that fight away skin tags, warts, impetigo, and moles among others. It contains jug lone, which is helpful in targeting skin tags, causing them to fall off. You simply have to create the tincture out of five to 10 black walnuts, water and a quarter cup of vitamin C.

17. Alcohol

It is your choice to do this if you think you can bear a little pain. However, bear in mind that it is not as painful as it sounds. First, you should cut off the extra skin of your skin tags, which are lighter in colour compared to other skin areas.

You can do this easily with a nail clipper. It may bleed but it won’t hurt too much since there is no nerve present in skin tags. Next, you may take some alcohol and dab it on the top.

The above topical applications are trusted in treating your skin tags. You may consider them when necessary if you want to conveniently treat your skin tags at home. It is just about management of properly executing the tips and you will certainly get the results you are looking for. Just keep in mind that it is about commitment and patience.

Laser Skin Tags Removal

Procedure of laser removal is not difficult and painful as many people think. Before the beginning of the procedure, you may receive anaesthesia; however, usually the removal process does not require it simply because the patient will only feel a little bit discomfort and burning in the area where blemish is located.

Right after the procedure, you will notice wound instead of your skin tag. It is very important to add, that if you skin tag was too big, this wound may then turn to scar but in case your blemish was normal, there is nothing to worry about.

The area will be covered with a plaster to protect it from infections and in 3 days when your skin condition recovers from the surgery, you can remove the plaster and apply special healing creams on the location of your ex skin tag. Always remember to cover the wound with plaster if you go walking or on the beach because sun exposure may cause pigmentation of the skin in wound area.

The next question is how much does it cost? Well, there are many clinics and the price varies. But the average price will be about 80 US dollars per skin tag removal. If you have too many blemishes, you will need to spend lots of money on the surgery.

The surgery has some advantages over natural skin tag removal. It is really fast and may take only an hour while natural removals require weeks. However, surgery is very expensive and can possibly leave scars that may look even worse than initial blemish. If you prefer natural methods, the link above contains lots of useful information on the theme.

Now, you are aware of all necessary facts about laser surgery and it is time to make a decision whether you need it or not.

Skin Tags Removal At Home

No one likes an appearance that is full of flaws, especially skin tags, which are permanent unless one has them removed. Skin tags are masses that are harmless and non-cancerous that form when skin is being constantly rubbed upon. People can perform a skin tags removal at home instead of going to the doctor to avoid either embarrassment or costly procedures.

The reason that people commit skin tag removal is because skin tags often become unsightly on one’s skin and they mess with one’s confidence in the way they look. There are different ways of doing skin tags removal at home.

Skin tags removal at home either requires doing something physical to the skin tags or put some medication on them; they are mostly painless and sometimes take time for the final result to occur.

Despite being able to do the skin tag removal oneself, it is imperative to keep an eye out for anything that may happen after removing a skin tag or one, such as infection, unexpected pain, or redness that would not go away.

The Different Ways To Do A Skin Tag Removal:

  • Bind the skin tag with a dental floss at the base of it to stop its blood supply, killing it and then cut it off with very sharp scissor or nail clipper if it is big enough to go over the skin tag
  • Natural oils called moils, when put on the skin tags, make them drop off or peel away. Doing this kind of skin tag removal often causes minimal side effects and does not require cutting open any skin
  • Buy an electronic wart remover, which is supposed to be effective at taking care of skin tags in little time as three minute at home
  • One can make their own home remedy by combining castor oil with baking soda to create a rich cream and apply it to the skin tags few times a day. This process takes a bit longer than other ways as the result takes approximately two weeks for the skin tags to shrivel up and go away
  • There is another over-the-counter item called DermaTend is made with natural ingredients that will remove skin tags in about three days. This medication comes in extra strength treatment that is supposed to work on up to fifteen skin tags whereas the original formula is best used for as few as four skin tags.

Skin tags removal at home treatment is becoming more popular today because as above-mentioned, it is not as expensive as it would be as going to the doctor and people can do it as often as they need rather than to go back and forth to the doctor every time a skin tag forms.

Get Rid Of Skin Tags On Eyelids

Skin tags are also growing on the eyelids, under the eyes and surrounding areas which are relatively easy to identify. According to the experts, benign skin tags or tag is a little flesh that grows a little bit smaller than the skin. It is often making some people feel worried because they thought the skin tags are a dangerous thing.

For those of you, who have skin tags; do not need to worry because the skin tags are harmless. Moreover, skin tags which are contained on face, with a slightly larger size; of course, it will be very damaging your appearance.

The removal of skin tags is not too costly; often the problem is always connected with cosmetic products. There are many natural ways that can be done to remove skin tags on your skin: **What Are The Causes Of Skin Tags On Eyelids, Around Eyes & Under the Eye

Until now, still no one knows what the exact causes of skin tag that appeared in the area around the eyes and in other areas of the body are. But if you have extra weight, may be that is why you have skin tags.

Skin tags are most likely caused as a result of the folds skin, which causes the skin frictions. Because of this, the obese people have an increased risk of skin tags.

You also need to avoid using excessive jewellery, tight clothing which could be the causes for you to sweat more. In addition to the external factors, skin tags are also caused by genetic factors; most people are very prone to have skin tags compared with others.

Remove Skin Tags On Eyelids

There are several ways to remove skin tag on the eyelids, here they are:

1. The Essential Oils, Lemon Oil and Avocado Oil

According to experts, these oils are always needed for vitality and health. A mixture of lemon oil and avocado oil can be made as remedies to eliminate skin tags on the eye area. The trick is mix 1 / 2 tsp lemon essential oil and ½ teaspoon lemon oil and avocado oil as much as 1 teaspoon in a bottle and then mix or shake them together.

Take a little on clean cotton, and then apply a bit on the area of skin tags. Let stand for 30 minutes then rinse with cold water. As long as not to cause irritation and other side effects, you can do the treatment three times a day.

2. Baking Soda, Rosemary Essential Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil

A mixture of these materials could be used as a drug that can help removing the skin tags. It’s very easy to do, mix ½ teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon rosemary essential oil, 2 tablespoons of castor oil and 2 tablespoons olive oil into a small bowl or other container, and mix until evenly distributed.

Then use the paste to massage the area of skin tags, and let stand for about 30 minutes, you need to remember that you have to be extra careful, never let this paste hit your eyes. Once it’s enough, rinse with water. You can do the treatment every day if there is no sign or problems on your skin.

The Risk

Everything certainly has risks; both risks are good or bad. Then you should always be careful to act. Especially about something related to your skin. The skin (especially face skin) strongly supports your appearance. It is advisable for you to apply a treatment with natural substances to eliminate skin tags.

Indeed, with natural materials, the treatment will not give quick results and instant as with the case of medical treatment, but you need to know a natural treatment will not give harmful effects. Especially for treatment of skin tags in the eye area, of course you should be more careful.

Always remember to use a cotton pad or something similar, without directly pouring the liquid into the area, because if the fluid hit your eyes it can be very dangerous.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Before we discuss some common methods to get rid of skin tags, it’s important to ask yourself if you really need to remove them. If you are not worried about your looks with a skin tag on your eyelids or neck, or the skin tag is not causing any discomfort, or it is not getting irritated or bleeding because of getting in contact with jewellery or clothing, you might want to reconsider your thoughts of getting rid of them by hook or by crook.

There are many safe and effective methods of removing skin tags, so there’s nothing wrong with using one of them to get rid of skin tags. However, you must seek medical advice and make sure you are not taking any unnecessary risks (e.g. using nail clippers to cut them off) because some methods or carelessness can result in infections, scars, or bleeding.

We will start with the safest and effective ways of removing skin tags. We can call them the safest because we are talking about the methods used by doctors or dermatologists in their clinics. These methods might be a little expensive (as compared to a cheap over the counter treatment) but it’s worth paying the price because of minimal risk factors.

The doctors can remove skin tags by numbing the area while using anaesthesia on that part, and then simply severing them off. If you don’t want to have a scar, you can discuss the electrolysis method with your doctor. Electrolysis is used for many skin related problems like warts, skin tags, piercings, pigmented spots, moles, and the likes.

Another common method is freezing off the skin tags, and it will fell off eventually. Many different freezing chemicals can be used, but liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used chemical. It might leave a scar or blister, which might or might not go away after some time.

Many over the counter freezing kits are also available, but if you’ve got the money, it’s better to go for a medical expert. The method might be a little discomforting because the cold chemical can sting.

You can destroy the cell tissues in skin tag by using dental floss to block blood flow. Tying dental floss around skin tag, and pulling it a little on daily basis. After some days, you will notice that the skin tag is drying up and it will fall off eventually. This method is known as ligation.

Another common treatment, which is also used for warts, is the duct tape. The idea is the same; you are trying to kill the cell tissues so that it will fell off itself. This method is probably the safest way to get rid of skin tags at home, at least better than using nail clippers. Simply use a small piece of duct tape to cover the skin tag and let it stay for many days. After 5 -6 days, give it some rest, and then reapply the duct tape.

Another thing you can try at home is applying vitamin E. Open up a vitamin E capsule and apply some of that liquid on the skin tag, cover the area with a band-aid.

The vitamin E works as antioxidant and it will help by healing the skin. Leave the band-aid for some days, then remove the band-aid and see if it is sloughing off. You might have to repeat the process a couple of times to completely remove.

How To Prevent Skin Tags From Growing

Skin Tags will be easily infected if you handle it improperly. The question is how to prevent skin tags? To find the real answer, you need to know what the exact causes first before you start to prevent it. And anyway, we also encourage you to try this brilliant product by “Moles Warts Removal”, this product will guide you to remove your skin tags easily, naturally and without surgery within 3 days or less, guaranteed!

Don’t worry, there are several ways you can do to prevent the skin tags and other things related to it. Skin tags is caused by several factors, some are caused due to hormonal factors or any contact or friction between the skins. Usually, someone who found skin tags on his skin, they would panic and act out of control that sometimes even make the condition even worse.

Skin tags are more prevalent in old people and also more common in pregnant women, because a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy, such as hormone estrogens, this is also has the potential to develop the appearance of the skin tag. In addition, if you are consuming steroids, it also can affect the hormonal production. Another possibility is also due to inherited genetic factors.

How to prevent skin tags from growing? It’s important for you to maintain the health of your skin. Such as changing the bad lifestyle become a good lifestyle, for example, by changing all your bad habits with good and healthy habits.

Always pay attention to the food that goes into your body. Foods that contain lots of sugar, fat, cholesterol is not good for your health, for the reasonable consumption only. This can be the basic problems.

A study says that the appearance of skin tags on the skin is an early symptom of diabetes. You are very important to know how the skin tags can start and formed in your skin. Obese people have a higher risk of having a tag, because it has relatively more skin folds. Thus causing more skin friction experienced when sweaty.

If you are asking why do people get skin tags? Obesity is the major factor. To avoid the appearance of skin tags, for those who have more weight is recommended for trying to reduce it. The people who have a thin body will likely have fewer sweats, so it will never have folds on their skin.

In addition to dietary changes, you also need to do some exercises to create more toned muscles so that your skin will be firmer and minimize the possible growth of skin tags. Although it cannot be successful overnight, but with you doing these efforts on a regular basis, this allows you to be protected from skin tags.

Many experts believe avoid the use of excess sugar is the basic factor which is very important. As you already know that between the tag and diabetes has a close relationship, thus changing the patterns of intake is a must.

Another Things To Consider

1. Friction Powder Reducers

For those of you who have the desire to prevent the skin tags in the neck area, legs, groin, armpits and under the breast, you can use friction reducer powder, it can be used to help reduce the friction between the skin and reduce the risk of irritation and also keep the skin area dry.

2. Do Not Wear Tight Clothes

Using the tight clothes will cause the skin friction continuously. Your skin will be harder to breathe. In addition, you also have to pay attention on your clothing materials and the design, because these are one of the main causes of skin tags. If you are using necklaces for example, it can also causing skin tags on the neck area.

Use more loose clothing to reduce the risk of the appearance of the skin tag. You can just wear tight clothing or jewellery for a certain time but not every time. Prevent skin tags from growing is always better than cut it.

Freezing Off Skin Tags

Skin tags usually develop on parts of your eyelids, neck, underarms, or under breasts. Doctors or medical experts will usually tell you to leave a skin tag as it is, because they don’t hurt. But while they don’t really hurt or possess any threat to your overall health or lifestyle, you might still want to get rid of them because they don’t look good.

Plus, skin tags at certain parts of your body might cause a little discomfort because they might irritate or start to bleed when rubbed against clothes or jewelry.

For all these reasons, people are always looking for simple and less expensive ways of removing skin tags. There are a number of ways to remove skin tags, including some home remedies, or over the counter treatments. Freezing off skin tags is one of those treatments that you can carry out at home or in doctor’s office.

The freezing off method is used for wart removal as well. In this method, liquid nitrogen gas is used. Liquid nitrogen can maintain temperature below the freezing point, so it is used in various skin conditions.

What it really does is to freeze away all living tissues on the area it is sprayed or applied upon, and the wart or skin tag will fall away after some time.

The method is called cryo-therapy and apart from liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide snow, or DMEP is also used for freezing purpose. As earlier mentioned, you will find freezing kits in stores, but it’s better to let your doctor do it for you.

It will leave a small blister, but usually the blister will go away on its own, so you don’t need to worry about it. The process is a little painful, or discomforting at least because liquid nitrogen is way too cold and you will have to spray or apply it to your skin for up to 30 seconds, but it is quite tolerable.

Sometimes, a scar will be there even after the treated area heals, or the color of skin of the treated area will be slightly different than the skin around it, but it is not as unsightly as a skin tag or wart. The skin might be sore for some time and you will have to take proper care to make sure it doesn’t result in infection.

Also, treating a skin tag doesn’t mean that you won’t get a skin tag in future, since the freezing method is not treating the underlying causes; it is just helping you with the removal.

You will find many over the counter freezing kits for skin tags, and some are available at online stores as well, but the effectiveness might differ from one product to another because the freezing chemicals can differ so it might, or might not be able to effectively destroy the cell tissues in skin tags.

Going to a doctor office for freezing treatment might be a little expensive and inconvenient, but it can produce much better results than trying various random over the counter products to find one that really works on your skin tags.